Pepperoni Pizza

Do you remember Bagel Bites? Little frozen pizza on a bagel? I never actually had any, but the jingle is till floating around the back of my brain.

As a vegan, I wrote off pizza. Not without regret mind you. But being a native New Yorker (even though I now live in LA, I'm still a native New Yorker at heart), I've probably had enough pizza to last a lifetime, at least for the non-New Yorker.

For dinner last night, Jane made us mini pizzas , and now I'm singing the old Bagel Bites TV jingle, "Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at suppertime. When you have pizza on a pita, you can have pizza anytime..." Excuse the poetic license. We didn't even have our pizza on a pita, it was a tortilla, but hey.

I wouldn't call this gourmet food. But if you have a kid to feed.... Jane used whole wheat tortillas topped with tomato sauce, Yves Vegan Pepperoni, and vegan mozzarella cheese, oregano and a drizzling of olive oil. The cheese sort of melted, but not before the exposed tortilla began crisping. Overall, not a gourmet meal, but a quick tasty dinner. Served with a large green salad, of course.

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