So I'm standing at the stove, fluffing the rice and putting the finishing touches on our dinner, when Lane calls me. He's a few blocks from home and he tells me to come out and meet him.... There are two peahens walking up our hill.

Now for some of you, this might not be a strange occurance, but we live in Los Angeles. And I'm not talking about the canyons of Los Angeles where all the movie stars live, where you might expect to see the occasional mountain lion or bear. I'm talking about the Los Angeles where you can practically open your window and hand your neighbor a cup of coffee if they have their window open too. I'm not complaining (that much), I mostly love where we live. We're on a hill so the houses are pretty staggered as far as eye-level is concerned. And we live in a part of LA where there are actually trees, so you have the illusion of some privacy. But peacocks? That was a first. We've got raccoons, and the occasional coyote, and red-tailed hawks. But peacocks?

What else could I do? I turned off the stove, got the camera and keys and rushed out to see for myself. Sure enough, there were two peahens out for an evening constitutional! I'm guessing they're either someone's pets because we're not all that close to anyplace else where they might have logically escaped from. Or they must have recognized that I'm vegan, they didn't seem too concerned about me. They were close enough for me to reach out and touch them, had I any desire to get my fingers pecked at!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed today's version of the Wild Kingdom.

Cheers -- Jane

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