Party Time

Jane and I were invited to a party Saturday night. It was our first party as vegans, and it was a “work” party. Jane’s co-worker had about 30 people over. For the most part, we’ve been keeping the vegan-thing quiet. We haven’t told anyone other than close friends and family. We don’t really want to have to justify our lifestyle decisions to anyone, and people seem to be really confused by veganism, and some are even outright hostile, if we’re vegan, do we wear leather? what do we feed our pets? what do we do about the perpetual ant problem we all have in southern California? ….

At any rate, eating at the party wasn’t as difficult as we thought it might be. We had some of the veggies with hummus during cocktail hour. Dinner was buffet style and there were a few pasta options along with steamed vegetables.

When dessert came around we simply begged off, saying dinner was so yummy we had no room for anything else, except for tea. No one was the wiser. Success!

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