Pan-Fried Seitan

I've written about my love for Shojin restaurant a few times already.  I'm truly sorry to keep talking about their amazing cuisine, as many of you don't live in the Los Angeles area and won't get the opportunity to eat there.  It is, without a doubt, the best vegan restaurant we have ever eaten at.

One of the dishes they make, which is a "must" if you go there, is the Pan-Fried BBQ Seitan.  The seitan is thinly sliced and has a really wonderful texture.  We thought it's reminiscent of eating meat.  We haven't been able to convince any of our omni's to come with us yet, so we'll have to weigh in on that in another post.

Pan Fried SeitanAnyway, Jane thought it might be fun to try and pan-fry her own seitan, so that's what we had for dinner tonight.  It was good, but NOT as good as Shojin's. The texture was completely different. This was much closer to bread than steak.

She started with Susan's recipe for Seitan Baked in Sweet and Sour Orange Sauce, but didn't use the sauce.  After baking the seitan she sliced most and cubed some.  That was an experiment to see if there would be a difference.  There was, the slices worked much better.  It made for a good dinner, and I've asked Jane to prepare that again, but we both agree... Shojin does it better.   Our dinner tonight consisted of the pan fried seitan, corn on the cob and green beans from the farmer's market, tomatoes from our garden, and a large green salad.  It was delicious, if slightly less healthy than what we usually eat.

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  1. I have no idea if this would help, but I have really good luck with seitan texture when it’s kneaded a little too long (to toughen it up), wrapped in plastic wrap and chucked in the fridge for an hour or two then sliced, shaped (I try so hard to shape mine into little stars but I suck at it, lol) and simmered in veggie broth and spices for about an hour. I find that the longer you process it, the chewier it is. Rubbery before boiling means a more meat-like seitan, or at least that’s been my experience. Still sounds good, though, I might try it!

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