Our Vegan Thanksgiving Menu

In search of the elusive Celebration Roast, Jane went to our third Whole Foods (two are close by, but we have a third that is not entirely out of our geographic area).  They had the one pound roast.  Woo Hoo!  And, not only was it in stock, but it was on sale...  $5.99 versus $6.99.  So, in typical Jane fashion, she bought two.  Now we have a Tofurky and two Celebration Roasts sitting in our fridge, competing for plate space on Thanksgiving.  One Roast is probably going in the freezer.  After Jane starts cooking, there won't be enough room in the fridge for any surpurflous food.

As you can see below, we've got quite enough food to tide us over for a week -- my favorite part of Thanksgiving -- leftovers until you can't stand them any longer.  Okay, maybe that's not my favorite part, but I do love having the Thanksgiving feast repeatedly.  We typically have containers full of leftovers in the fridge for days.

So here's what we're making:

For dessert, Jane will make her apple pie and a vegan chocolate cake concoction she's been working on.  Sounds like a lot of food, doesn't it?  Especially since we eat our Thanksgiving dinner at home, just us.  We do, however, spend dessert at our cousins house.  And they've always got a full house.

If you're still working on your menu, don't forget, we've got a number of Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes posted.

* Note: If you were planning on making the Vegetarian Plus Whole Turkey, make sure you got/get the package that reads Vegetarian Plus VEGAN Whole Turkey.  The photo in our post, Thanksgiving Options, is of the vegetarian, not vegan, product.  Jane noticed the vegan version in her shopping expedition today.


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