Our New Gravy

After all the last few posts on Proposition 2, I thought it might be time for something a little lighter.  It's still a little early, but Jane is starting to think about our Thanksgiving menu.  Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays and last year was our first Thanksgiving as vegans.  We will very likely have an almost identical meal to last year, but Jane wasn't thrilled with the Tofurky or the gravy she made.  We've since tried a number of recipes for gravy some based on nutritional yeast, some on mushrooms, and others are just a concoction of ingredients.  While none of them have been downright awful, Jane still haven't landed on one that we both "love."  That is until last night.  And it's so easy!

Jane made some zucchini.  While it was cooking, one of our cats needed a bunch of assistance.  When she came back to the zucchini, it had overcooked a bit.  We're not big on soggy vegetables, nor do we want to throw food away.  So, she decided to disguise the mess, by making a sauce.  She used equal parts of yellow miso and vegetable stock.  YUMMY!  We still have to try this over "meat" - but we're both hopeful.


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