Our First Clunker

So far we've been fairly pleased with our vegan diet. The products have been mostly good. The recipes we've tried have, for the most part, been things we'd make again. Although I didn't love the peach cobbler, and there was a cabbage salad that we won't be making ever again, we haven't run across anything that we've found inedible or completely unpalatable... until now.

One of our vegan cookbooks suggests Umeboshi Paste, which is a Japanese pickled plum puree, makes for a really wonderful alternative to butter on your corn on the cob. Since we had always loved corn on the cob dripping with butter and a sprinkling of salt in our pre-vegan days, we figured this would be a great vegan replacement.

WRONG!!! It's horrible. It's tart and tangy and overwhelmingly salty, and we only used the tiniest bit to taste. I'm sure there are people who love this stuff, but it won't be making it over the threshold to our home again. Ick. It's a shame too, because this little container was just under $9 at our local Whole Foods.


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