Oprah Talks Animal Rights

Okay, we're back to being Oprah Bits again.  (Just when I thought I'd gotten my testosterone back to normal levels!)  Set your VCRs/DVRs/or TiVos -- Oprah is doing a show on "How We Treat the Animals We Eat."  The episode trailer is on her website (on the right side of the page (TV Schedule - select Tuesday.  Note:  This link will only work the week of 10/14).   It looks like they'll be exposing some of what goes on in animal agriculture.

I don't know how the episode will actually play out.  From the trailer, it appears that Oprah will be presenting both sides.  However, the episode trailer on the Oprah site links only to information on organic/green eating.    Regardless of what her final message is, I'm guessing there will be more than a few people considering veganism or vegetarianism after the show is over.  Go Oprah!


  1. You people know nothing about farming. You like food? I’m guessing yes, and you are all against anything to do with the people that work everyday to provide it for you. unreal

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