Native Forest Organic Young Jackfruit Review

Recently we were sent a can of Native Forest Organic Young Jackfruit to review.

On our shopping expeditions, Jane and I have noticed more Jackfruit on the shelves of the grocery stores we frequent. Once upon a time, we had come across Jackfruit tacos at a few vegan Mexican restaurants. We’d tried them and liked the taste, but Jackfruit was something neither of us had grown up eating. And so it was one of those things, like Rhubarb, that you eat when you’re presented with the opportunity to try them in a restaurant, but you don’t cook them at home.

So when the can of Jackfruit arrived, we were both a bit apprehensive. When you first open the can, you smell the brine. While Jane and I don’t go out of our way to avoid salt, she first rinsed the Jackfruit, assuming it would be too salty otherwise.

The Jackruit itself is cut into irregular sized pieces, many of them triangular. But these break apart into shreds while it is cooking. Jane sauted the Jackfruit with some garlic and onions and added some vegan bbq sauce, and served that up with warmed tortillas and a salad, for a yummy dinner. She said the whole thing took her about 20 minutes to pull together, and we enjoyed our meal very much. This makes a delicious, work-night meal.  One can of Jackfruit was enough for the two of us, with no leftovers. You could probably feed more if you added rice or beans to the mix.

There are a number of recipes out there for other uses for Jackfuit including mock tuna or mock chicken salad. The next recipe Jane will try is an Indian Jackfuit Curry. Sounds yummy.


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