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Airport Food

Airport Food

Once upon a time, eating vegan out of the house was difficult, to say the least. While it's still not the easiest option, I'm finding that I'm hardly ever stuck with a salad or baked potato.  Traveling through the airports this year was a breeze.  I found something palatable everywhere I went.  In Chicago's O'Hare there is even a deli (sorry I forgot to make note of the name) that advertises it has vegan foods.  I picked up the Soul Gourmet Grilled Southwest Tofu Salad and was more than pleasantly surprised by it's barbequed yumminess.  They also had a slew of vegan wraps to choose from too.

And if that isn't shocking enough, I keep hearing rumors that Real Food Daily is slated to open a restaurant in LAX (the Los Angeles Airport), although I can't find mention of it on their site.  Jane and I laugh at the thought of that.  People already think California is the land of fruit and nuts, can you imagine how they'll respond getting off a transcontinental flight, only to find a VEGAN restaurant.

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