MTV Runs Vegetarian Ad

I must confess, I don't watch MTV... I'm not the target demographic.  But I do visit the Compassion Over Killing website occasionally and noticed that they are starting up their MTV advertising campaign again. They've been running pro-vegetarian commercials since 2004. Personally, this year's ad isn't my favorite, but I applaud their efforts.  It will certainly wake up a few people to the horrors of meat production, and they're targeting the right audience.

If you're new to veganism, or considering it and haven't seen the Earthlings documentary, narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, we highly recommend it.  Out of all the things we've read and seen, that documentary is the reason Jane and I can never consider going back to eating meat.


  1. I don’t like TV ads that show animals promoting other animals as a food source for humans…
    And YES, everyone on the planet should watch Earthlings.

  2. I very much like COK’s advertisements. It does, however, as the dialogue on MTV about this suggests, appear to be slightly “trendy” to be a vegetarian, which concerns me a little given the inherent fleeting nature of trends. However, these advertisements appear to be re-occurring, which is heartening.

  3. Hi Kara,
    Agreed, especially when they’re depicted as happy that we’re eating them… Or how about the egg-replacer commercial, where the chickens are chasing down the consumer who chose the egg replacer instead of their eggs? That one really gets under my skin for some reason.
    Have you seen Suicide Food? They do regular posts on logos depicting happy animals who wish to be eaten. Funny and horrifying at the same time.

    Hi Alex,
    Yes, it does appear to be trendy to be veg*n, but that will happen when the entertainment news depicts Victoria Beckham carrying “Skinny Bitch” around with her. In some respects I agree that trendy isn’t great, but I’d like to believe it will result in more restaurants offering some vegan fare all the time. I don’t believe that we’ll see the population shift to a veg*n diet in my lifetime, so I’ll be happy to see everyone shift to one veg*n day/week. Which might be doable. (Yes, I know, and Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny will be paying visits to my house one day soon, each with a winning Mega Lottery ticket.)

  4. The MTV/COK commercials are the single thing that I can point to that brought me over to vegetarianism and shortly thereafter, an all-vegan diet. It was one evening last fall, I was watching TV at home and I saw several of these commercials — I was HORRIFIED and went to the website and changed my ways that day.

    I wish nonprofits had a larger budget to get these images out into the public eye even more. I think for way too many of us, ignorance is bliss.

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