Mmmm…. Riblets

So yesterday I was whining a bit, and feeling deprived. Today I’m doing much better. Jane made us BBQ Riblets for dinner. They’re a Gardenburger product and quite tasty, if I might add. It’s the barbeque sauce that really makes the dish. It’s got a really nice peppery tang and is very reminiscent of a barbeque place we used to go to when we still ate animal flesh.

Of course the riblets don’t look as good on the plate as they do on the box, but we were really pleased with our meal. Jane steamed some baby zucchini and we had a large green salad to go with it.

I’m a huge “Simpson’s” fan and you can often catch me quoting Homer. For those of you who might share this obsession, this product reminded me of the Krusty Rib Sandwich in the episode “I’m Spelling As Fast As I Can.” I’ve been obsessing about my riblets since dinner last night, and have been emailing Jane all day begging for a repeat. Alas, we’re having pasta for dinner tonight. (Normally this would thrill me.)

One final note: The nutritional information on the package indicates that there are 2 servings at 240 calories each. Personally, I wanted more than the individual sleeve of 4 ribs in a “riblet”(the entire riblet is edible – no bones!) – maybe next time I can convince Jane to make 1 1/2 packages, I think she would have happily had more as well! 6 riblets at 360 calories with a slew of veggies on the side seems like a reasonable dinner to me.

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