Mmmm… Leftovers

Things have been quiet here since Thanksgiving. Something to give thanks for!

Leftovers are another thing to give thanks for. I know that some people complain when faced with the same meal a second time. For me, I could eat Thanksgiving every night. OK, maybe I'd get bored with that too, but five days of eating my favorite combinations of food is not tough at all. Jane laughs and says I could be a cat, and not one of those finicky ones! But that certainly makes her life easier, since she does all the cooking.

We just finished the last of everything tonight. We stretched the Tofurky to 6 servings. Tonight we had Gardenburgers Riblets with the remaining sides. Yummy. They're definitely on the favorites list.

Well, we survived Thanksgiving as vegans. Now let's see how we handle the "holiday eating season." Since Jane won't be involved in the usual baking mania, we're hoping to maintain the weight loss we've achieved so far.

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