Milk And Cereal The Vegan Way

Best Soy Milk for CerealIf you've been reading this blog for awhile, one of the things you've heard me complaining about is that we haven't found a cow's milk replacement that Jane or I have been happy to eat with cereal. For all other purposes, we're rather happy with the homemade almond milk, and we're huge fans of Silk Light Chocolate Milk. But a palatable milk for cereal has remained elusive. A number of you have suggested your favorites, and we've tried most of them. But taste is subjective, and we hadn't really found anything we cared for, until about three weeks ago. And the winner is... WestSoy Non-Fat Plain. Now we've been vegan for a year, so we're not sure if we've simply forgotten what cow's milk tasted like or if this is a passable facsimile, but it tastes almost exactly as we remember non-fat cow's milk to taste, and it's good in cereal.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the casein/morphine connection, and the addictive nature of milk and cheese and Elaine suggested WestSoy non-fat plain soy milk (comment #7). Woo hoo! Thank you, Elaine. With that suggestion you've given us a very viable option for cereal. I don't know if you've been able to feel the love, but we've been walking around our house thanking you out loud!


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