Miley Cyrus Vegan Inspired Tattoo, How to be a Healthy Vegan, and more vegan newsy bits

The Vegan Argument
Can we say whether or not a well balanced, vegan diet is BEST for human health? I will tell you the answer momentarily, but first- reasons for …

LUSH Cosmetics Awards $16k to Vegan Podcast
Last week, vegan-friendly beauty brand LUSH Cosmetics granted $16,000 to animal-rights media nonprofit Our Hen House (OHH), known most …

Miley Cyrus cemented her love for animals with a vegan tattoo
A true ink aficionado, Miley Cyrus just got *another* tattoo — and her new tat is an ode to her vegan lifestyle.

How to make fast food healthier for vegetarians and vegans
Ordering fast food can be tricky for people who are trying to eat healthfully, but it can be particularly challenging for vegetarians.

At the other extreme is the argument one tends to hear when …
Can we say that a balanced vegan diet is the single, best option for … Can we say that veganism is compatible with the adaptations of our …


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