Methane – This Is The Solution?

We've been hearing about the potential dangers of methane gasses for awhile now. Discover magazine published an article last week stating that "Methane is a paradox. It increases global warming at the same time that it promises abundant alternative energy." Regardless of the potential as an alternative energy source, most of us regard methane gas as a problem. But I think we'd be better served recommending a reduction in beef/milk consumption than trying to figure out how to reduce the methane emissions given off by cattle. Bossie (generic cow's name) would probably agree.

2 Comments on Methane – This Is The Solution?

  1. Have I heard correctly? “….a tube leading to one of it’s four stomachs” – WHAT? Did they mean it’s inserted through the cow’s body surgically? Or the anus? Huh? ….. I’m totally bewildered on this one – sounds like outlandish desperation….. Much easier to just go veg.

  2. Hi Bea,
    That’s what I heard too. However they insert it, it seems a bit absurd… much better to cut down on the beef and dairy consumed.

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