Meow Meow Tweet Relief Balm

meow meow tweetWhen I was a child, whenever I had a bad cold, mom would get out the Vicks VapoRub and rub it all over my chest and throat at bedtime so that I, and the rest of the family, would be able to get some sleep. As an adult, I hadn’t used the stuff in many years, so I couldn’t honestly say if it works or not. But mom used to swear by the stuff!

In the meantime, we’d been asked to review a vegan product called “Relief Balm” by Meow Meow Tweet. It came at the perfect time as I’d just come down with a cold. The Relief Balm had the eucalyptus/mint aroma redolent of the VapoRub of my childhood, but it was far less goopy (a big plus). Also, the ingredients do not contain petroleum jelly, but rather a mix of natural eco-friendly ingredients I feel more comfortable using.

I rubbed it under my nose and on my chest. My initial reaction was that it reminded me of the VapoRub, but it was much less pungent. That also means it didn’t open up my nasal passages as much as I remember the VapoRub used to. But as I mentioned earlier, I hadn’t used the original stuff in a long long time!

Meow Meow Tweet compares their relief balm to a Tiger Balm, but it had none of the warming effects I’ve felt using tiger balm. This product did nothing to ease any sore muscles in our household, but we’d never use VapoRub for muscle ache relief either.  I will try this out for a headache though as I find the mint aroma to be helpful when I’ve got a headache.

I would certainly recommend trying this for headache or cold relief, but at $18 (plus shipping) for a 1.5 ounce container, or $7 for the .25 oz mini size, we found it a bit pricy.

Meow Meow Tweet relief balm is available here:

Meow Meow Tweet has a line of vegan handcrafted personal products and candles:

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