Meat Free – One Week Challenge

Here's a bit of fun I found on the internet....  the first annual Break Up With Meat Week, brought to you by Earthsave Canada, the Taste of Health Food Festival, and the Toronto Vegetarian Association.  While most of the people reading this blog have already "broken up with meat" we probably all have friends and family members who haven't and might be willing to give it a try.

The premise is that you commit to giving up meat for one week, (Sunday, September 21 – Sunday, September 28) during which time you receive daily emails to help you achieve your goal of eating meatless for a week.  They plan on providing the challengers with recipes, meal ideas, facts on eating meatless, and many other tips and tricks.

The idea of ‘breaking up' with meat suggests that while you may still enjoy its company from time to time, you no longer want or need it in your daily life - much like an ex. Sometimes, you may need a visit just to remind you how much healthier and happier you are now that it's out of your life. It is more important that everyone reduce their intake of meat, than to scare you away from vegetarian food options. If more people adopt a primarily vegetarian (or completely vegetarian or vegan) diet, we're making huge strides to solving huge global issues.

Amen to that!  Anyway, it's a fun, fresh approach to trying vegetarianism.

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