McDonalds to Go Vegan?

mcdonaldsWe were half-listening to the local news tonight and heard that the Canadian McDonald's franchises will be offering a vegan option. Now we're not fans of fast-food, but it's always good to have a few of these chains noted when you're traveling, since it's usually easy to find a fast-food chain restaurant, and sometimes hard to find vegan fare.

The McDonald's Canada website is showing 4 McWraps, two of which are chicken based, but two are vegetarian... The Santa Fe and Mediterranean.

At any rate, the new Signature McWrap is NOT vegan, but can be made so by asking them to hold the cheese and sauce (not clear if that is for both the Santa Fe and Mediterranean wraps).  Please note this only applies to the Santa Fe and Mediterranean McWraps, not the Sweet Chili or Chicken and Bacon McWrap. (Obviously!)


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