Luxury Vegan Boot Camp — In France?!

Last year Jane and I vacationed in France. I really enjoyed the countryside in France and Paris, but being vegan in France is VERY  difficult.

Man cannot live on baguette alone...
While most restaurants were accommodating, we basically had to order off the menu at nearly every restaurant that we ate at. I recall, on our flight home, saying to Jane, "I think we may be the only people to go to Paris as say, 'Nice place, but the food was forgettable.'" We may have been unimpressed by the vegan fare in France, future vegans heading to France might have a more enjoyable culinary experience than we did.

Meet Craig Resnick and Libby Pratt, former investing traders who have opened a high-end spa in France: Camp Biche. Originally, Camp Biche served classic French cuisine, accompanied by wine and dessert, prepared by an in-house chef. “After he died of cancer, my wife’s father was diagnosed with colorectal cancer,” says Resnick.

Pratt’s physician told her to stop eating meat so they adopted a vegan lifestyle.

“When Libby and I saw the changes a vegan regime was making in us, we started serving vegan food to clients, including wine and dessert,” explains Resnick. “So now, we are ‘the original vegan luxury fitness boot camp’.”

A typical Camp Biche day . . .

6:15 Wake up knock at your door with a cup of tea or coffee.

6:30 - 7:55 morning warmup, Camp Biche abdominal workout, yoga / Pilates with high intensity moves and stretching exercises

camp biche8:00 - 8:25 Breakfast of granola, fresh-fruit salad, yogurt, tea or coffee.

8:30 Out the door for the 3 to 4 hour hike

Walk at your own pace, we'll have both a human and a canine guide to accompany you.

12:30 Dejeuner/Lunch!

By the way, we eat like the French which means no snacking between meals.

14:45 – 16:45 Fitness with Becs. Learn to unlock your energy with squats, lunges and a smile. You will work the muscles that you never knew you had whilst having fun. Free-Weight Training

Sometime after 16:45 you'll be rewarded with either an hour-long massage or a facial to soothe your tired muscles.

Between lunch and dinner, you'll have one to three hours to read a good book by the pool, take a nap, call your family, or if you must, conduct business or sneak off to the village bar.

19:45 In the evening we’ll pamper you with an evocative and elegant mansion house meal. In the flickering candlelight, or firelight if the night is nippy. You’ll sample locally-sourced, vegan, plant-based dishes cooked with French panache. In fact, all of their food is prepared from scratch from the best ingredients, locally sourced and organic whenever possible, complemented with the region’s finest wines together with -- according to their website -- fascinating conversation as the most interesting people in the world gather around the table.

They take a maximum of 6 guests at any one time.

Price includes:

  • Six nights in a beautiful ensuite room in a 800 year-old mansion

  • Three gourmet, vegan meals per day, evening meals with Cahors wine -- occassionally, we pop a few Champagne corks.

  • Full-morning treks through the magical Midi-Pyrenees countryside

  • Experienced bi-lingual French/English guides and instructors

  • Morning and afternoon fitness classes

  • Daily massages or spa treatments

  • Airport and train transfers


The price: 5900 €, all inclusive for a private room. (by the way, 5900 € is about $6,500 today as the Euro and the dollar are nearly at par; a year ago when the exchange rate was more like 1.30:1.00, that would've been about $7,670)

If you are interest in learning more about Camp Biche, you can check out their website, or contact them directly at:

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