Living Things Approved By PETA

Living ThingsLOS ANGELES, CA, November 20, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ — Wildlight  Entertainment, LLC, the Los Angeles-based production company behind 2010’s  thriller RULE OF THREE, recently completed production on a new feature-length  drama titled LIVING THINGS. The film is about a vegan yoga teacher who finds  herself alone at dinner with her tough-guy, war veteran father-in-law.  Inevitably, the pair ends up discussing her diet, which leads to a debate, which  leads to a verbal brawl.

Upon reviewing the not-yet-released  motion picture, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) sent the  filmmakers an official letter of endorsement, and enabled them to use their  official seal of approval in conjunction with the film.

“We’re honored by PETA’s support,” says  Eric Shapiro, the writer-director of LIVING THINGS. “To the best of my  knowledge, there’s never been a film before with a vegan character who’s as  vocal as the one in LIVING THINGS. Usually, if there’s a vegan in a movie, it’s  some freak who’s off to the side talking crazy, just to get a laugh. We created  a complex, intelligent, and flawed human being.”

Shapiro goes on to add that the film’s  not propaganda. “Anyone who knows me knows I’d never let one character trample  over the other, no matter what they’re debating about. The father-in-law gives  as good as he gets. They have a real smackdown. The actor, Ben Siegler, who  plays the meat-eater, told me he thought his character was right. I think the  movie can get people talking about the issue. It’s also pretty playful and  entertaining.”

PETA’s letter, which was drafted by  Bruce Wieland of their Los Angeles office, reads, “We appreciate the strong case  that LIVING THINGS makes for going vegan and that it does so in such a  well-acted, engaging, and ultimately entertaining way.”

The letter then goes on to say, “From  the meat industry’s rampant abuse of animals and the environmental devastation  that it causes to the tremendous health benefits of a vegan diet, there are many  significant reasons why going vegan should be at the top of everyone’s priority  list. We wish more movies focused on this life-saving message in as compelling a  manner as LIVING THINGS, and we hope this fine film reaches the wide audience  that it deserves.”

At press time, LIVING THINGS is under  submission to a variety of film festival and distribution entities, with  production on a trailer and website underway. The film stars Rhoda Jordan and  Ben Siegler, with cinematography by Ian McGlocklin and editing by Roger A.  Scheck.

Wildlight Entertainment, LLC, is a  motion picture production company located in Los Angeles, California, headed up  by producers Eric Shapiro and Rhoda Jordan. Their mission is to create exciting,  consciousness-raising motion pictures driven by strong characters and  intelligent screenplays.

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