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2nd-birthday-balloonsToday is our two year vegan-versary.   Over the past two years we've learned a lot about the positive health benefits of a vegan diet, about the benefits of being vegan on the environment, and about the horrific conditions in which livestock spend their entire lives.  And while we may not be "perfect" vegans, we have found our stride and are quite confident that we will be vegan for the rest of our lives.

When we first went vegan, we experienced a considerable amount of trepidation.  Would we be able to do this?  Would we miss meat and dairy?  Would we be any healthier?  Would we be able to eat out again?  I've blogged about many of these experiences, and you've shared your own with us, and on your blogs as well.  I think most of us have found the transition to veganism to be far less painful, and much more rewarding than we could have anticipated.

The most unanticipated thing though, is our shift in thinking.  There is no way we would be able to go back to a meat-centered diet.  We went vegan for our health, we're staying vegan because we cannot conceive of eating meat again after learning how that meat is produced.  (And some of you can say you told me so!)


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