Little Rock and Lancaster and Hilton Head, Oh My!

Vegan festival draws crowd to downtown Little Rock
Saturday was the first-ever vegan festival in downtown Little Rock. The Little Rock Food Truck Stop at 8th and Chester hosted half-a-dozen food and drink trucks from noon until 4 p.m. Saturday.

Vegan Cinnamon Roll Shop to Open in Pennsylvania
Berkeley, CA-based vegan bakery Cinnaholic will open a franchise location in Lancaster, PA this July. Franchisee Veronica Risser will operate the 1,400 square-foot shop in the Granite Run Square shopping center and offer customizable vegan cinnamon …

Menu Guide: What are the most vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Hilton Head?
While visitors may know the Hilton Head Island dining scene for its abundance of fresh seafood, there is also a small vegetarian and vegan movement popping up all around the area. From an upscale restaurant where a third of the menu is vegan to a Thai restaurant with a variety of flavors to a quick, local Mexican spot — there’s plenty of options for all you plant-based eaters out there.

Cake Thieves bakery adds sweets to the vegan lifestyle
This bakery is working to bring the vegan lifestyle into the mainstream. Those who eat a vegan diet don’t consume food made with animal products.

Dozen for @therawboy!

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Documentary About Vegan Music Legends Debuts in 2018
New vegan music-themed documentary Taking Note will debut next year. The film is produced by founder of UK-based online music publication Hit the Floor Magazine (HTF), Chris Hines, who was inspired to go vegetarian in 2002 after watching the video for …

The Heart Disease Rates of Meat-Eaters Versus Vegetarians
Please be advised that there are multiple, heavily sourced articles at the bottom of this one with a wealth of information about vegetarian/vegan …

Coconut Oil Is Actually Terrible For You
From Cosmopolitan Sure, coconut oil sounds healthy AF – after all, it’s natural, vegan, and used in products found in almost every aisle of most health food stores.


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