Lentil Loaf – Day Two

phpk3slSZIt was lentil loaf for dinner again tonight. As I mentioned in last night's post, not my favorite meal. However, it was better tonight. Jane made my favorite iteration of brussel sprouts to accompany the loaf. This is the same recipe for brussel sprouts that we use at Thanksgiving. When I tucked into my plate, I knew that at least one portion of my meal would be worth eating.

But as much as I hate to admit it, the loaf was somewhat tasty. Still, I've asked Jane not to make it again. And I'm not the terrible husband that request makes me out to be... Jane didn't care for it either. Since it's not inedible, we will finish it off tomorrow night. You all should be thrilled too. An uninspired meal makes for an uninspired post.


  1. Well it is good for all of us to know that not every dish is successful – it is part of the trial and tribulations of food blogging, but I am glad you shared this post with us, no matter how uninspiring, because we have all been there.

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