Last Nights Dinner, Brought to You by the Color Orange

As I've mentioned before, sometimes it's a bit difficult for Jane to come up with new things to make on the fly since we're still new to the vegan thing. If she's been busy and hasn't give any thought to what we'll be having, and if there are no leftovers from a previous meal, she'll often do a veggie stir fry with tofu.

Sometimes this works out, sometimes it's just food. Since we go to our local farmer's market on Saturday mornings, this can be especially risky towards the end of the week. We don't tend to keep a lot of frozen veggies on hand.

Last night we had one of these stir fry concoctions. It consisted of onions, red pepper, and carrots. It really wasn't bad. Jane used "Curry Simmer Sauce" from Trader Joe's and let the tofu soak up all that curry goodness. It just looked soooo orange.

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