Kiss Me Organics Matcha Green Tea Powder

A few years ago I developed an intolerance to the caffeine in iced tea. I would become jittery and edgy after lunch. Finally, it occurred to me that I could no longer tolerate the iced tea I always drank. So I switched to green tea iced tea, when it was available and water or lemonade elsewhere.

There are many claims that Matcha has health benefits. Since we’re not medical professionals, we don’t feel qualified to rate the claims, but we feel it is certainly a better alternative than soda, and probably better than juices.

So when we were asked if we’d like to review Kiss Me Organics Matcha, Jane and I agreed. This is a culinary grade green tea powder.20141123_155958

A few months ago, we had been given a small package of matcha from a friend who’d returned from Japan. We made iced tea from that, but since we primarily drink water at home we hadn’t yet purchased any additional matcha ourselves, even though we love green tea iced tea.

When the Kiss Me Matcha arrived, we made ourselves some iced tea straight away. Upon opening the package we noticed an intense green tea smell. The package we’d been given from Japan was did not give off as strong a scent. The Kiss Me Matcha also had a more velvety texture, whereas the Japanese product was drier and had a more powdery texture. Not comparing the two products side by side is probably not the most fair test, but we both felt the Kiss Me product had a better taste and texture.

Yesterday Jane tried a recipe for Green Tee Cookies. Yum! They’re not overly sweet and have a really nice flavor and they’ll be a staple in our house. I also threw a tablespoon of the Matcha into my morning smoothie. Honestly, I couldn’t tell it was there. Since the matcha is supposed to be very good for you I’m happy to add it to my smoothies.


In the meantime it’s been warm here, so Jane tried a quick recipe for Green Tea Ice Cream with just two ingredients… frozen bananas and matcha green tea powder. While it tasted good, the consistency was not ice cream like, so she’s not likely to make that recipe again. Tomorrow Jane is going to try Green Tea Ice Cream, with a coconut milk base. We’re looking forward to it.

So where do we stand on Kiss Me Organics Matcha Green Tea Powder? In general, matcha is more pricey than regular green tea, and at $25 for 4 ounces, Kiss Me certainly isn’t inexpensive, but isn’t the most expensive matcha out there by far. We really liked this product and will be using it again. But Jane and I both agree that we will use it in recipes that feature the taste rather than as a regular addition to smoothies or the like where the taste gets lost. And of course, we’ll be making plenty of matcha green tea iced tea.

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