KFC Canada Puts Cruelty Free On The Menu

I seem to be writing a lot about fast food lately, which is somewhat ironic since Jane and I really don't eat a lot of fast food. The notable exception here is Taco Bell. They've been our lifesaver on the few road-trips we've taken since we've gone vegan. Their bean burrito (hold the cheese) is vegan, and we find it satisfying. But for the most part, unless we've got young omnivores to accommodate, we tend to shy away from fast food establishments. Our feeling is that they're out to make money, not to worry about providing us with sound nutrition; not to mention the fact that it's usually pretty difficult to find a vegan meal at most of these places.

So after repeatedly picking on Canada, first for the Baby Seal Hunt, and then for the Hog Slaughter Subsidy, we find ourselves congratulating our neighbors to the north. KFC - Canada will be offering a vegan "chicken" product to its customers. But perhaps, more importantly, they've also pledged to buy their chickens from producers who treat their chickens more humanely. This means a better life for the chickens (more light, more room, less growth hormone) and a more humane slaughter -- the chickens will be gassed instead of being scalded to death or having their throats slit while still conscious.

This is a major victory, and Peta will be ending its campaign against KFC Canada. Peta is still campaigning to end these practices in the US and the UK. They've got a petition you can sign if you're interested, asking KFC to adopt the same animal welfare plan as KFC-Canada and pledging to boycott them until they do so.

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  1. Although this is a reform measure and not abolition…. I intend “someday” to investigate KFC’s “vegan” sandwich. IF I can get passed the fact that theses cruelty-free treats will be cooked next to the meat items. And the fact that my $ will be supporting the breeding, captivity and “CAK” of billions of chickens. And IF I can even remember “fast food” options as I’ve re-directed my eating habits so long to not include meals in “pop-ups”. So, KFC’s “veg” sandwich joins the BK “veggie” burger – somewhere at the bottom of my list of food choices….. I’ll try “someday”.

  2. Bea (and the rest of the world) – with love and respect – the dollars you spend on the KFC vegan chicken will more than anything else be helping to ensure that chickens are *not* bred and killed for food, because you will helping to popularize and gain public acceptance of a cruelty-free alternative. If the KFC Canada veggie chicken is a success – and I hope to God that, unlike the BK Veggie, they advertise the product – it could go a long way toward mainstreaming the concept. It could spread to the US – and beyond. And if KFC does it, Chick Filet and other chains might do it. KFC is dominant, and this milestone is huge. I hate KFC but if I was in Canada I’d get everyone I could to buy the KFC veggie chicken, and give good feedback, and ask for more veggie chicken options, and so forth. This is abolition in progress.

  3. Hi Bea,
    You do have a point about supporting a company who’s primary business involves the slaughter of animals. But I’m with Gary. I believe that we should support these products. The more these companies see a demand for vegan products, the more likely they’ll carry them. It is a way to ensure that vegan options become a mainstream staple. And who knows, if it’s on the menu, perhaps some of the omni’s will try these things.
    Also, I don’t believe that we’ll see the eradication of animal product as food product in our lifetime. It’s too radical a change for most people.
    As I mentioned earlier, Jane and I don’t typically frequent fast food establishments, but think of all the kids who choose to eat there. One of the biggest hurdles we’ve found in being vegan, is that eating socially can be tough. This provides an easy option for a lot of people.

    Hi Gary,
    As always, thank you for your eloquent commentary. I couldn’t have said it better.

  4. Lane: “One of the biggest hurdles we’ve found in being vegan, is that eating socially can be tough.” Totally true – I’ve eaten more Wendy’s baked potatoes than I care to mention. I agree, supporting any foods that are non-animal based are the way to go….. IF they (veg chicken sandwiches) get here – I’m sure I’ll put on my “I’m not a nugget t-shirt” – and get myself a couple….. Small changes to abolition….I need to remind myself…. thanks for the nudge 🙂

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