I’ve got my baker back!

I've been missing Jane's baking. It's not like she baked something every week, but she baked occasionally, and she baked really well. Her coffeecake and strawberry shortcake are some of my favorites, along with apple pie and berry pie. Or her cookies. I could wax poetic here, but I'll spare you all.

Anyway, I've been whining. I understand that learning how to cook vegan after cooking non-vegan for 20+ years is a bit of a challenge. And the baked goods we've tried eating out haven't been particularly inspiring.

So, I've been poking around a few message boards to see what other people are doing. And I got this recipe from one of them: Link Here

Jane made this version of muffins, and they were yummy. We ate the batch in 3 days. (That's two muffins per person per day -- and maybe Jane didn't have two muffins every day.)

Because of the conversion from British cooking to American, they weren't perfect. Jane is going to use a little less oil and sugar and more flour in her next go round. But yay, I've got my baker back!


  1. If I might suggest a book – “Vegan with a Vengeance”. Its a good source of everyday yummy vegan food.

    For upscale dinner parties or something more adventurous, “The New Millennium Cookbook” is a good one too.

    I’m a personal chef, and I have a handful of recipes that my vegan clients ask for over and over. If you’re interested -drop me an e-mail and I’ll send them to you.

  2. Thanks for the reply Chef Mader. I’ve dropped you email, Jane and I would love you to send us a few of your recipes. BTW, your website,Blackradish.net looks wonderful!!!! The photos of your food are stunning. I can see why you were nominated for Chef of the Year last year!
    – Lane

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