It’s Resolution Time Again

A recent Harris Poll indicated that 47% of Americans plan to reduce their consumption of animal products. The USDA estimates that consumption of chicken, beef, pigs, and turkeys will decrease as well. Clearly, people are eating less meat. How about dairy? Milk consumption has dropped by a 40% since it peaked back in 1970.

In the past few years, many people have been adopting a Meatless Monday campaign; trying to lower their meat consumption for improved health. And we all know that during the month of January, many people set resolutions. Typically they want to improve their lives in some way: quit smoking; lose weight; save more money; get healthier, etc. The meatless Monday trend aims to decrease meat consumption so as to stave off obesity, heart disease, cancer, and many other lifestyle diseases.

The American Institute of Cancer Research Annual Conference on Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer offers these incentives:

  • If Americans consumed eat five servings of fruits and vegetables each day, we would reduce our cancer risk by 20%.
  • By reducing processed food and red meat in our diets and boosting exercise, we can eliminate as much as two-thirds of all cancers.

If you resolved to lose weight for the New Year, vegan and vegetarian diets also can boost weight loss, according to Health Line. A study showed that vegans and vegetarians lost more weight than omnivores, and kept it off for more than six months. Of course, a “potato chip vegan” can probably kiss that weight loss goodbye…


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