It’s Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

Tofu ScrambleIn my bachelor days, I frequently had breakfast for dinner; specifically a bowl of Cheerios and milk. Often that was because I would come home late and was too tired to think about preparing a meal. But there is something comforting about having breakfast for dinner.

Since we’ve been vegan, breakfast isn’t what it used to be. Cereal and soy-milk isn’t the same as cereal and cow’s milk… but we don’t drink cow’s milk anymore. I typically have a smoothie with protein powder for breakfast and Jane will forage… I’ve tried to make waffles, but so far I haven’t found a recipe that works for us.

And then there’s the tofu scramble. It’s not eggs, but that’s OK. It’s really good. We usually have a few slices of Fakin Bacon, a bagel with a schmear (vegan cream cheese of course), tomato or avocado slices, and a green salad. What more could you want? Tasty, nutritious, and comfort food! It’s not just for breakfast at our house.

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