In Requiem

On Tuesday, we put down our special girl.  She was with me for just under 16 years.  While many of our friends comment on how special and friendly our boy cat is, she was more selective.  We were her tribe and she always wanted to be with us.  She would greet us when we got home.  She would walk us to bed every night and stay with us until we fell asleep.  She always sat with us.  She talked to us constantly.  We absolutely knew she loved us.

She was very headstrong; whatever we were doing, it always had to be her idea.  Toward the end of her life we had to give her antibiotics.  (She had cancer and the tumor was rotting her face.)  Jane would give her her pill and then give her water to drink.  After which Jane would reward her with some food.  One morning they did the pill, water, food routine and then went to sit down.  Ten minutes after drinking and eating our girlie sat by the door, looked at Jane, and went pah-tooie, and spat out the pill.  When we told the vet, she commented "Clever kittie!" This is just one example of our girlie's personality, and part of what made her so special.   She is greatly missed.

At this point, the thought of food, or writing about food, is not something either of us feels up to.  We will be back...  we just need a little time.

Life is short... show the ones you love how much you love them.


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