In Requiem

On Tuesday, we put down our special girl.  She was with me for just under 16 years.  While many of our friends comment on how special and friendly our boy cat is, she was more selective.  We were her tribe and she always wanted to be with us.  She would greet us when we got home.  She would walk us to bed every night and stay with us until we fell asleep.  She always sat with us.  She talked to us constantly.  We absolutely knew she loved us.

She was very headstrong; whatever we were doing, it always had to be her idea.  Toward the end of her life we had to give her antibiotics.  (She had cancer and the tumor was rotting her face.)  Jane would give her her pill and then give her water to drink.  After which Jane would reward her with some food.  One morning they did the pill, water, food routine and then went to sit down.  Ten minutes after drinking and eating our girlie sat by the door, looked at Jane, and went pah-tooie, and spat out the pill.  When we told the vet, she commented "Clever kittie!" This is just one example of our girlie's personality, and part of what made her so special.   She is greatly missed.

At this point, the thought of food, or writing about food, is not something either of us feels up to.  We will be back...  we just need a little time.

Life is short... show the ones you love how much you love them.


  1. I am so sorry for your loss. My girl was 14 when I had to put her to sleep, she also developed cancer (as did her brother when he was 11). It’s never easy, especially when they’ve been with you for so long, they are like our own children. My best wishes to you both, this time of sadness will pass and in time it will be only the loving and happy memories that remain.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss – it sounds like you had many wonderful years to enjoy each other. I know this time is very hard. I lost my dear Jack to cancer in January of last year and it still stings something awful. I’m hugging all my furry bugs right now. Like you said – we must show the ones we love that we love them, because life truly is far too short. Much love, xoxo.

  3. so sorry to hear about your special girl—I know how hard that is and the pain it causes. We had to put down our first greyhound last year, and I’m still not over it. Just remember all the funny little quirks and moments she provided you with and the joy you brought to each others’ lives.

  4. How we grieve when we lose our special friends. I had to euthanize my beloved Tuxedo on the 29th of May. We just got his ashes. When he saw the needle coming he voiced a long drawn out noooo, put his head under my arm and died. I am bereft as I know you must be. I am so sorry. Look for a sign that she is with you, in all the years I have had the priviledge of being friends with other species, there has always been a sign that their soul is with us for at least a little while longer.

  5. I’m so sorry to hear this news… But she’s out of all earthly pain now. I hope you find comfort in the memories you have of her very special life. It will be six weeks since I’ve said goodbye to my 18 year old dog Midas… Expect time to move very slowly… but with each day, there will be healing. Do remember to comfort your boy cat… he feels this loss too – Hugs and prayers to all of you.

  6. what a lovely tribute to your special girl. i am keeping your family and your kitty in the light.

  7. My heart breaks for you both. They very much become our children… and the ones that show just a litte more personality weasel their way into our hearts just a little more. Hugs to you both.

  8. i’m so sorry to hear of your loss. Our animals have a way of creeping into our hearts and taking up permanent residence there, don’t they. Sending love & prayers.

  9. I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. I put my eighteen year old girl down last January (2008). She was my daughter. She also had cancer that was rotting her face. It was awful. It brings tears to my eyes even now as I type this. She was the most special girl one could have and so I know exactly what you are going through. I have no comforting words other than you were so lucky to have her for sixteen years and she was lucky to have you. Celebrate her life and know that she suffers no more.

    Hugs and compassion,

  10. The toughest part of keeping pets (or pets keeping us, really) is that they are family members that don’t live so long, comparatively and that just sucks.

    Your little pumpkin was very lucky to have you two and vise-versa:)


  11. Thank you everyone. It has been a difficult few weeks, even though we knew it was coming. All your kind words have been a balm of sorts, even though this wound is still raw and gaping. Your comments have helped a bit.

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