I Want Turkey for Thanksgiving

Jane and I have been anxious about Thanksgiving, and our anxieties are increasing as the day draws near. You'd think we were hosting a dinner for 50, but in reality it's the concept of preparing a vegan feast in place of the turkey dinner we have perfected over the years that is most daunting.

So far our vegan experience has been positive. For the most part, we've done well. There are things that simply cannot be replaced, however, and I fear one of those things is roast turkey.

We've been culling the internet and our vegan cookbooks for "special" recipes to make our holiday dinner comparable to what it has been in previous years. We've got the menu set. And Jane has the Tofurky turkey in the refrigerator. The sales clerk at Trader Joe's (one of our local supermarkets) told Jane they taste really good and always sell out.

While surfing, Jane came upon Gentle Thanksgiving. They give high marks to the Tofurky turkey. So, again, I'm hopeful. But we've been disappointed before. And I really love turkey.

But that doesn't change the fact that I'm not really wanting to be vegan today (actually, this Thursday). Today, I want turkey, and lox (smoked salmon) and cream cheese on a bagel, and Jane's strawberry shortcake replete with real whipped cream. I'm tired of only having one choice at most restaurants, or worse, having to invent a meal. Today, I want to be an omnivore.


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