I Miss Milk

I know there are all kinds of reasons not to consume cow's milk. I've embraced a vegan diet. I drink soy milk, rice milk and almond milk these days. Even though we were drinking fat-free milk in our house prior to this vegan thing, I understand that cow's milk may not be healthful. Not to mention the horrors of the dairy industry.

But nothing beats a tall glass of real milk to go with warm chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven.

I simply cannot drink a glass of soy milk. I can put it over my cereal and it's an ingredient in many of the meals Jane prepares. But I cannot drink a plain glass of soy milk, or even almond milk. The rice milk is sort of like Horchada (a mexican rice milk concoction that's sweetened and there's a bit of cinnamon too), but unless it's doctored...

I miss cow's milk.


  1. Hello, I really enjoyed reading your blog. I made this blog below for my daughter and was hoping it would be successful in helping start a kind of vegan chat.

    Vegan Meet

  2. Hi Blase,

    thanks for the comments. I like your daughter’s blog too. A vegan chat sounds like a great idea.


  3. I am the opposite. I have been drinking soy chocolate milk plain but have to have regular milk on my cereal. I haven’t missed much meat but I was sick over the weekend and really wanted my chicken noodle soup šŸ™ .

  4. Hi ChrissyJo,

    You know, I love the soy chocolate milk too. And the Silk Coffee flavored soymilk is pretty tasty, but those are snacks for me and I try to limit them.

    As for the chicken soup, we haven’t tried this yet, but Jane bought Vegetarian Chicken Broth (Health Best) at Whole Foods, it’s a vegan product. She was talking about making that with some chicken seitan and veggies as a vegan alternative to chicken soup. I’ll let you know

  5. That sounds good! The hardest part of this diet I’m finding is getting the time to go to two grocery stores – I can barely get to one! Guess I should start stocking up and buying in bulk.

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