Human Footprint

CHOW referred to us as the "all-things-vegan" blog. That might have to become our tagline. Anyway, keeping with that in mind, I wanted to point out an upcoming television program. It's not vegan-oriented, but after watching it, the omnivores among us might just reconsider how much meat they're actually eating. The show is called the Human Footprint and it will be aired on Sunday, April 13th at 9pm ET/PT on the National Geographic channel.

The website has (very basic) interactive calculators which show you how much of a particular good you consume versus the averages for Japan, the US and the UK, and provides one or two factoids about the product. For example, the typical American consumes 28,301 glasses of milk over a lifetime. It also mentions that collectively, dairy cows occupy a chunk of America about the size of Louisiana. I wonder how that space is calculated -- is it the amount of space a dairy cow is alloted on a factory farm?

If nothing else, perhaps watching this show will help to curb the endless consumerism that our marketing gurus make us believe is necessary for our personal fulfillment.

And since we're on the topic of our human footprint, I'll take this moment to remind those of our readers who will be in New York April 26-27 to check out the Go Green Expo!


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