How To Be Vegan by Elizabeth Castoria

how to be vegan


Jane and I just had the opportunity to read How To Be Vegan by Elizabeth Castoria.  This is a great book for people considering a vegan lifestyle. It touches on what to eat, what to wear, things to consider when furnishing your home, and travel. But perhaps, my favorite chapter is the section on manners. Ms. Castoria promotes the idea that it "makes more sense to encourage people in what they are doing to make the world better than to hound them for what they are not doing," a philosophy we can soundly endorse.

This book is also a great reference for people who are not vegan, but have vegans in their lives. It provides enough of an overview in an easy to read and understand format, that the reader will gain an understanding of what vegan means in all its iterations. It illustrates that being vegan isn't something difficult and bizarre, but rather a compassionate way of life. The book also contains 50 recipes, a sampling of things to make from breakfast to dessert.

We've been vegan for over 7 years now, so we really didn't learn anything new reading this book, but this was a good refresher. We especially enjoyed the travel section. Ms. Castoria recommends Shojin, our favorite vegan restaurant, as one of the restaurants you should visit when in Los Angeles. We heartily concur!




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  1. Hi, I’m a 10 year vegan, that does dairy, but very little, because my Spiritual Guide said that diary doesn’t hurt animals, and that’s the main concern, to not build karma buy cruelty to animals, but that may be argued, but is my belief, just to be clear.

    At 62, and 3 major failed back sugeries and disabled, I like to cook for 4 days, including the meal I eat the day I cook. For many years now I cook quinoa, and steer away from organic wheat due to the carbs, and quinoa digests slowly so as to not have the high glycemic number and ok in my books and body. So I cook 2 cups of quinoa, add a whole red onion, a red bell pepper or two depending on size, about 4 portabella muchrooms, grated garlic, ginger, and turmeric if found, and mix with buckwheat noodles, or brown rice noodles and have enough for 4 days and don’t have to stand in th kitchen for 4 days. Oh, and for raw veges, I use about 6 large romaine lettuce leaves and tear off pieces and put the quinoa and rice noodles in and roll them up. This working fine, but need a morning bowl of something. Amarath or more quinoa. Quinoa had just taken a big hike, which is just plain greed as the quanity that’s being eaten has just gone up a little. After my morning exercise I have a green protein drink with flax milk, Vit C powder, Tbl of Spirilina, and 2 teaspoons of chorella. Still I’m hungry and need a filler, but can only think of amarath or more quinoa. I carry a little muscle but have not hardly any body fat as I cleanse twice a year with some really great clay and with it’s ability to carry a very strong negative ion charge, grabs all the positive ion toxins and when pulling them from the body the fat goes with it as that’s why the body makes fat and that’s to store carbs or toxins. Need a somewhat heavy filler, as I’m still moving as much as I can with my bad back. My energy is very good and I think I burn calories quickly, with the mental process also.

  2. Please, Jerry, don’t call yourself a vegan if your are not. Eating dairy isn’t vegan and the animals involve in the production DO suffer as the calves are separated from their mothers so we can take the milk. Your Spiritual Guide is misinformed on this particular matter.

    “Ms. Castoria promotes the idea that it “makes more sense to encourage people in what they are doing to make the world better than to hound them for what they are not doing,””

    I am not really ok with the idea of telling someone that’s it is acceptable to eat meat from animals raised in “good” condition. I can encourage someone who is eating less meat than before though, because the less suffering the best it is.

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