How it all Vegan

As I mentioned in my last post. My wife is making us over as vegans. She’s got every disease known to mankind in her gene pool and we’re hitting our middle-aged stride. There’s breast cancer, colon cancer, brain cancer, bone cancer and now liver cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, etc. So, even though we’re both relatively healthy, if sedentary and a bit overweight, she wants to ensure she doesn’t hit the genetic jackpot if she can avoid it.

We’re both doing OK ourselves, but with this last bout of relative cancer, she freaked out, and so now we’re vegan. To be quite frank, I’m kind of surprised. Her biggest joy in the epicurean world has been ice cream, followed closely by chocolate. And we both enjoy the out-of-home dining experience. But, in the division of labor in our household, she is the cook, which makes her the pack leader. Where she goes, I follow…

Lately Jane, my wife, has taken to borrowing books on various health topics from our local library. The latest book, Dr. Neal Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes was her main inspiration for veganism, diabetes being one of the more prevalent diseases in her family tree. Dr. Barnard proposes a low-fat vegan diet to help prevent diabetes, and his anecdotal evidence was quite compelling.

Couple that with her increasing distress at how meat products get to our table, it was a sure bet that we’d be vegetarians at the least. I mean, this woman practices the catch and release program with any insect that makes its way into our home! No matter what stage of sleep I might be in, if there’s a spider in our house, I have to escort him out.

Hopefully all this healthy eating will pay off. As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve already dropped 8 pounds without an ounce of effort on my part. I sure can’t complain about that!


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