Home Made Almond Milk

Almond Milk 7 - Finished ProductAll I can say is wow. This stuff blows away what you can buy in the store.

Jane received a Soyabella Milk Maker for Christmas this year. So far, it’s been amazing. The milks you can make are far superior to what you can buy, as is often the case when you compare fresh versus packaged. The soy milk is particularly good when it’s finished and still warm, but it’s still soy milk which is something we haven’t quite gotten the taste for. The almond milk, however, is absolutely delicious.

In our quest for a dairy-milk replacement we’ve tried soy milk, oat milk, hemp milk, rice milk, and almond milk. We’ve found that rice milk has the best taste, but the least nutritional value. Our second favorite taste has been the almond milk, so that’s what we’ve settled on. And we were thrilled to find the home-made version is that much better.

Almond Milk 1 - Raw Almonds Almond Milk 2 - Soaking Nuts Almond Milk 3 - Components Almond Milk 4 - Assembling the Machine Almond Milk 6 - Done Almond Milk 5 - Milling

The process of making the milk is quite easy. First you soak your nuts, overnight is best. Then you drain them and affix the basket to the grinding portion of the machine. After which you add water to the carafe, drop the assembled grinder/top piece onto the carafe, press the mill button and let it rip. You actually have to hit mill button 3-5 times, once each time after each cycle is complete to get the thickness you’d like. That seems like something the manufacturer could fix, but it’s a minor complaint as the mill cycle is only about 10 seconds. So it’s not like you’re getting all that far away from the machine anyway!

Cleanup is relatively easy, as long as you clean everything right away, or soak it in water. But you have to be careful not to get water into the sockets or the air hole in the top of the machine, which is also something I would suggest the manufacturer change in the next iteration of the machine. It makes cleanup a little more cumbersome than it would need to be.

Now for the finances: We pay $4.29 for a 16oz. bag of raw almonds at our local Trader Joe’s, and $1.99 for a quart of Pacific Almond Milk (vanilla, unsweetened). We get six quarts of almond milk per bag of almonds. $4.29 / 6 servings = $0.715 per quart of home made almond milk.

The Soyabella Milk Maker costs under $100. Making almond milk at home costs about $0.72 per quart. At $1.99/quart the store bought milk is about three times as much as the homemade variety! With those parameters, the machine will pay for itself in a little over 75 quarts.

We haven’t forgotten about cow’s milk yet, but homemade almond milk is helping that along….

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