Herb-Crusted Smoky Pumpkin Vegan Cheddar Wheel

So many vegetarians have told me that they can't give up cheese. I understand that, it's addictive. No, really addictive. (Well, it only ranked 16th out of 35 foods in a study of 504 people who participated in a Yale Food Addiction Scale study.)

If you eat it regularly, it's hard to give it up. Once you give up cheese, and are free of its addictive properties, you may still miss it. Fear not. There are vegan cheese alternatives.

As the title suggests, this cheese has a lot going on. But also, as I confirmed with my family over the Thanksgiving holiday, this vegan cheese has got it going on.

Most notably going on here: pumpkin! Not that the flavor is super-pumpkiny, but pumpkin isn’t normally a thing you’d find in vegan cheese. Here’s the funny thing though: I made this way back in mid-October and froze it for Thanksgiving. Then, when I served it as a pre-Thanksgiving dinner appetizer, my family, who loved it, quizzed me on what was in it, and I totally forgot about the whole pumpkin thing. I was all, “Oh, just the usual, some cashews, nutritional yeast…that kind of stuff.” It was definitely smoother and more orange than normal though, and I couldn’t figure out why! Then when I went to write this post, I referred to my trusty kitchen notebook, and there it was — pumpkin!


Source: Connoisseurusveg

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