Hampton Creek Board of Directors Resign

Hampton Creek, the company mainly known for making vegan mayo, had its products pulled off the shelves from Target stores recently ran into other issues yesterday. The entire Board of Directors, other than the company’s CEO, resigned.

Speaking with Business Insider, the CEO appeared to be upbeat and optimistic about the change:

“Ensuring our employees maintain their ability to direct our mission is as critical as the technologies we deploy and the products we launch. We will always protect this principle,” he said.

While all of the board members (other than the CEO himself) have stepped down, in a prepared joint statement, they collectively seem to be willing to remain associated with the company in an advisory capacity:

“We continue to fully support Hampton Creek and its CEO Josh in their exciting and important mission to change the food industry for the better of all people. We will advise Josh and the team on strategies across all areas of its business moving forward.”

Controversies have surrounded this company. While it remains unclear why Target pulled Hampton Creek’s products off its shelves, there have been other issues in the past.

In 2015, former employees told Business Insider that Hampton Creek used shoddy science, stretched the truth when labeling samples, and created an uncomfortable work environment, partly in an effort to meet production deadlines.

As reported recently, Hampton Creek has been in the lab developing the technology necessary for producing lab-made meat and seafood, or as the industry likes to call it, “clean meat.”  It planned to have these products in stores in 2018.

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