Got Good Karma?

In the 6+ years since we’ve been vegan, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of “products” available to us at our local grocery stores.  What’s especially nice is the wide variety of milks available. From soy milk to almond milk to hemp milk to coconut milk, they’re all readily available. When we first started out it was just soy milk or rice milk, and we didn’t love our choices.

Recently we were asked to review Good Karma Flaxmilk.  We tried the Protein Plus Flaxmilk Original, and the Unsweetened Flaxmilk (no added protein).  We tried them both with cereal, in baked goods, in my morning smoothie, and as a beverage.  Of the two we preferred the Protein Plus Flaxmilk in every instance.

As with any new product, you have to get the old product out of your “taste memory.” We have been drinking almond milk for years, so that is what we are used to.  Jane usually makes our almond milk, using a soymilk maker, so we get no added vitamins or protein in that milk. We also drink the Silk Vanilla Almond Milk when we want something sweeter, like coffee. But with 5 grams of protein, you can bet we’ll be adding Good Karma’s Protein Plus Flaxmilk to our regular rotation.

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