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I'm a 40-something married man. Up until one month ago, I was a carnivore. At that point, my wife decided that we are going vegan. And since my wife does the cooking, I agreed.

Do I miss meat? No. Am I hungry? No. Am I getting enough protein? Yes. Oh and by the way, in the past 4 weeks, I've lost 8 pounds..... and I haven't done any exercise. She tells me that's next.... I Love My Wife!

The only difficulty that we've encountered thus far has been eating at restaurants. We love to go out to eat. We still can, but our choices have been dramatically limited. For instance, we went to one of our favorite salad restaurants. We thought salad, vegan? No problem, right? Wrong! We weren't able to order off of the menu! Every salad contained some sort of animal product -- meat, cheese, etc. Not to mention their famous, wonderful zucchini bread is now completely off limits (eggs, milk, butter) However, we have have found several options that are working well for us.

My wife also found several great vegan cookbooks at the library. In future posts, I'll let you know my favorite meals.



  1. Keep up the good work, Lane! I have been veg*n for the past 7 years and fledgling for 5 years prior to that. I was vegan, but now just vegetarian. You are on the right path, though!

  2. Thanks Benjamin,
    We’re trying! Why did you stop being vegan? Most of the people we’ve encountered in that situation say it’s the cheese.

  3. Congrats on making the transition! I noticed one of your entries mentioned Eagle Rock. I’m not all that familiar with the area…and am not even sure you live around there(!), but my hubby’s family is in LA and I LOVE the vast selection of vegan restaurants in the area. Faves include Real Food Daily, Native Foods, and Madeleine Bistro. We’ve also gotten yummy vegan eats at Rahel Ethiopian, the Newsroom Cafe and Le Pan Quotidien. Do you know about Leda’s Bakeshop? Fantastic vegan cupcakes!

  4. Thanks coffywoman. Eagle Rock is a neighborhood in East Los Angeles. It sounds like your family is based in West Hollywood/West LA, and we don’t often get over there to eat.
    Having said that, we’ve been to RFD a few times already. Very good!
    And Jane’s been craving Ethiopian, so we’ll have to try Rahel Ethiopian soon. Thanx for the suggestions. I’ve made note of them.
    — Lane

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