Go Green Expo in NYC

I’m pretty excited… I stumbled across the “Go Green Expo” which will be taking place in New York and Los Angeles this year. Unfortunately for me, the site only has information on the New York Go Green Expo, and I live on the other coast! But, they are asking visitors to their site to check back for updated info on Los Angeles. The dates for the New York expo are April 26-27 at the NY Hilton.

Anyway, what is the Go Green Expo? It’s basically a trade show which provides information on how you can leave a smaller environmental footprint.

Go Green Expo will feature hundreds of companies showcasing the latest earth friendly products & services, dozens of interactive seminars & speeches, an eco-film festival, an eco-fashion show and a variety of hands on demonstrations.

The expo will be divided into separate eco-pavilions including transportation, energy alternatives, home, green investing, organic food & wine, green office, health & beauty and a children’s learning center.

It sounds like a wonderful idea, but in all this going green, I didn’t notice anything about eating meatless. We know that a vegan/vegetarian diet has a significant positive impact on the environment; eating lower on the food chain requires less resources to produce food. Perhaps the veg*n aspect will be touched upon in the segment on organic foods, or perhaps I missed it when I skimmed through the program. Regardless, in my mind going green seems to go hand-in-hand with being vegan, so even if they don’t touch on veganism at the Expo, it’s probably still worth attending!

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