Giving Thanks for the Home-Cooked Meal

So I'm spoiled, but at least I know I'm spoiled. My wife likes to cook which means I often come home to dinner being plated up for me as I'm walking in the door. Many of my friends come home to "where are we going out to eat tonight?" I know which I'd prefer, and it was brought home to me tonight.

Jane was very busy today, and planned on not be preparing dinner tonight. I was on my way home, battling the horrendous cross-Los Angeles traffic, wondering what culinary delight would be awaiting me when I got the call... "so where did you decide we're eating tonight?" Huh? I'd completely forgotten Jane had asked me to pick a place, and make reservations, if necessary. And I was sooo not in the mood to go out.

So, while she showered and got ready, I wracked my brain for something palatable, and vegan, and close, and someplace where we could have protein with our meal. And I couldn't come up with a thing I was in the mood to eat. Ultimately we settled for the Whole Foods food court. We hadn't tried it yet, and were looking forward to the vegan pizza and a salad bar selection.

The food wasn't bad, but it didn't hit the spot. I was cranky (bad commute), and Jane was exhausted, there was only one vegan pizza option, and only two slices left (one for each of us). Nothing in the salad bar was particularly appealing at that moment. I really wanted vegan comfort-food, but there weren't many selections available, and I was bombarded with non-vegan delicacies. Worse, the line to pay for our paltry selections seemed to take forever (you'd think they could have a few cash registers open during dinner hour).

So next time I come home to a meal I'm not overly fond of, I'll try to remember tonight and thank Jane for the home-cooked meal I'm being served as I walk through the door.


  1. The last paragraph of your post brought back the most amazingly clear picture of my parents.

    Both are deceased now, but they were happily married over 40 years when my dad passed. One of my very clear memories is that he said, “thank you” to my mom after EVERY SINGLE MEAL that she cooked…which was almost every night because that’s how life was in the ’50s and ’60s.

    It seems like such a small courtesy, but things like that are the backbone of a long and happy marriage. So good for you (and Jane) that you know to say thanks.

  2. Wow, we must be channeling your parents. Lane always thanks me for every meal I prepare for him, even if he’s asked me to never make it again.

    Personally, I believe courtesy is the glue that holds a society together, not just a marriage. If more people could step out of their self-absorption and develop a little consideration for the people around them, imagine how much better the world would be!

    (Off the soapbox now.)

  3. I love Whole Foods for their groceries, but their’s really nothing special about their hot food and salad bar. I mean it’s not bad…they just need to jazz it up. My vegan indulgence hotspot is Pizza Fusion. Their soy mozz is casein free and it actually tastes good. They have REALLY good vegan brownies too. And they deliver it to me in hybrid cars.

  4. I just looked up Pizza Fusion. They don’t appear to be opening in our area any time soon. If we’re over in Santa Monica we’ll give them a try though. Anyplace that has good tasting vegan cheese is worth patronizing!

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