Gardein Faux Meats – Vegans Love Them But Can They Really Fool Omnis?

Jane and I have tried the Vegan Chicken Sonoma Salad and Vegan Chicken Curry Salad from Whole Foods. The vegan chicken is actually Gardein Chicken, produced by Garden Protein International (thanks for pointing us in that direction Stephanie). We were quite impressed with the taste and texture of the vegan chicken and commented to each other that we thought meat-eaters would find this product equally palatable.

However, it looks like we may have been wrong about that. The National Post, a Canadian publication, conducted an informal, blind taste-test with four of their employees. The employees were fed Caesar Chicken Salad. One version was prepared using President's Choice Gardein Chicken. The second version was prepared with Lilydale Seasoned Sliced Chicken Breasts (real chicken). In all four instances, the employees seemed to have an issue with the Gardein product. Only one of the panelists liked it, but still complained about the "greyness" of the product.

My favorite comment:

Laura I feel like I put my life on the line by ingesting the grey matter that was the "chicken" of Salad No. 1. Is this what you make all the interns do?

Isn't that what interns are for?

Of course, this is a miniscule, and statistically insignificant survey. But it does make me wonder... Do Jane and I like these products because we've forgotten how "real" meat tastes? Perhaps. Regardless, we know we like the product and that's all that matters to us! Well, that and the fact that others like it enough that it continues to sell.


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