Free Food At Veggie Grill

veggie_grill_logo_shadowIf you’re in the Los Angeles / Orange County area, Veggie Grill is giving away free sweetheart (sweet potato) fries today, Wednesday, April 22nd,  in honor of earth day. Just mention you heard it on KTLA.  I heard about it on the news this morning and wanted to get the message out quickly.

We love the Veggie Grill.  We’ve been about four times since discovering it last year.  It’s a little far from our home, so we don’t go that often.  Also, it’s “fast food” — but when you’re in the mood for that kind of meal, it rocks!  Even the omni’s we’ve gone with have really enjoyed the food there.

Here’s a link to the Veggie Grill Locations.  They have three stores at the moment, two in Irvine and one in El Segundo – close to LAX (with plans to open another store in West Hollywood soon).

And happy Earth Day everyone.

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