Flore Cafe, Really

Flore Cafe Breakfast Burrito

Flore Cafe Breakfast Burrito

So after my gaffe last week, of confusing Flore with Flore Cafe, I convinced Jane we needed to head on back out to Silver Lake.  Last week I reviewed Flore in Silver Lake.  This time, we were off to Flore Cafe (really).

Jane had the Breakfast Burrito, and I had the Tu-No Melt, and of course, we shared.  The Breakfast Burrito was okay, but not something we'd enthusiastically recommend.  You could do this at home with better results.  It had too much rice and potato and was very bland.  And there's only so much hot sauce you can use!  Everyone recommends the tofu benediction, we should have gotten that instead.  Next time.

Flore Cafe Tu-No Melt

Flore Cafe Tu-No Melt

As for the Tu-No Melt, I'd wanted to try it  when we were at Flore, but ordered the Quesadilla instead (which was delicious and I didn't regret my decision one iota).  Flore Cafe also offers the Tu-No Melt, so this time I had to order it.  It was delicious.

Overall, we were pleased and will definitely be back.  Everything tasted really fresh.  We really recommend both Flore and Flore Cafe.  But I want to stress, the ambiance in these places is not wonderful.  They both resemble an eatery or deli more than a  restaurant.  But the food is fresh and good, and the service we received was wonderful in both locations.

Just in case you're confused, here's a quick primer:

  • Flore Cafe is a vegetarian restaurant
  • Flore is a vegan restaurant
  • Flore Cafe is at 3206 W. Sunset Blvd
  • Flore is at 3818 W. Sunset Blvd,0.5 miles down the block!
  • Flore Cafe used to be the Vegan Spot
  • Flore is the original restaurant (they are owned by the same person)
  • Flore Cafe serves breakfast all day long
  • Flore breakfast served until 1 pm.

But no matter which restaurant you wind up eating at... YUM!

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  1. Mmm, Flore Cafe looks really fresh and lovely! I hope I get to try it sometime. Fabulous choices 😀

  2. The sure could have made it easier on us by just giving both places different names, eh? 😉 I find myself just calling them Flore 1 and Flore 2… makes it less confusing!

  3. Yummm! The Tu-No Melt and the Tu-No Salad are both great!

  4. Hi Nicole,
    It was really delicious. We highly recommend both Flore and Flore Cafe (but not for the ambiance)!

    Hi Foodeater,
    Yes, that certainly would have helped us out. So I guess Cafe is 2? I think I’ll adopt that too. Thanks.

    Hi Kevin,
    I was thinking about the TuNo salad, but the idea of a tuna melt (something I used to eat a lot of in my omni days) was too hard to resist.

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