Flore Lives Up To Its Hype

Portobello Sandwich - Flore Cafe
Portobello Sandwich - Flore

Thanks to Kevin and Foodeater for catching our error.  The restaurant we reviewed here is Flore, not Flore Cafe.  My mistake, I googled Flore for the address and got confused.  That happens people… I write my posts late at night.   Sorry for any confusion  I may have caused.  But hey, I understand Flore Cafe is just as good, but with some vegetarian options.  So if you read this review and went there instead, you probably enjoyed yourself.

We’ve been spending a bit more time over in Silver Lake, a trendy neighborhood in Los Angeles.  Silver Lake has a variety of vegan restaurants…  Flore being one of them.  We’ve been hearing wonderful things about Flore and had been meaning to try them for a long time.  But the reviews all seem to say that the place is cramped and the service slow… and there’s no air conditioning… which means it’s pretty much off limits in Los Angeles from March until November.  (Okay, that might be an exaggeration.)

Vegan Quesadilla - Flore Cafe
Vegan Quesadilla - Flore Cafe

OMG!  Delicious!  Jane had the Portobello Sandwich and I had the Quesadilla.   The Quesadilla edged out the Portobello Sandwich for best meal.  But when I tell you they were both delicious, I mean we’re still reminiscing about that meal.

As for the restaurant itself, the ambiance is definitely lacking.  It’s crowded, there are loaves of bread and all sorts of inventory items stocked on every surface.   Did I mention it’s crowded?  And the service is slow… but we found the waitstaff to be very friendly and helpful.

The restaurant is located at 3818 W. Sunset Blvd., Silverlake (Los Angeles), CA  90026.  Call for their hours:  323-953-0611

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