The Five Worst Foods to Grill

fiveWe’ll be having the standard American barbeque this weekend to celebrate the Memorial Day holiday, vegan-style that is. Jane’s been working on the menu; while doing so, she came across this information on the dangers of grilling. None of this is new, but it’s certainly worth repeating. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine compiled a list of the five worst foods to grill. What makes these foods so bad, is that when grilled, they produce something called heterocyclic amines (HCAs), which are carcinogenic compounds created during the cooking of animal products.

So what are these five foods to avoid on Memorial Day weekend? Nothing that we vegans will concern ourselves with, but we all have friends and/or family members who still consume these foods and should be warned of the dangers…

  1. Chicken breast, skinless, boneless, grilled, well done — 14,300 ng/100g
  2. Steak, grilled, well done — 810 ng/100g
  3. Pork, barbecued — 470 ng/100g
  4. Salmon, grilled with skin –166 ng/100g
  5. Hamburger, grilled, well done –130 ng/100g

The measurements are HCAs per 100 gram portion. 100 grams is aproximately 3.5 ounces

You’ll be happy to learn that vegetarian foods result in extremely low to no HCAs being formed during the grilling process. So pass the vegan burgers, and hold the cancer.

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