We've gotten a few emails and tweets asking if we're okay (since we live in the Southern California area).  Despite what the news is saying, all of SoCal is not up in flames.  We're fine, aside from the  bad air quality, which you can get a good idea of by looking at the photos at the top of this post (taken from one of our windows).  But we do know people whose homes are in jeopardy, and our thoughts are with them.

It's shocking how unprepared most of us are for this kind of thing.  FEMA has a great guide called Are You Ready, which provides information on what to do in the event of all sorts of emergencies from earthquakes, to fires, to floods, to nuclear and chemical threats.

Here's hoping you're all safe!  And take a moment to figure out what you'd do in the event of an emergency.

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  1. I however live in fullerton! Brea fire is 4-5 miles north and yorba fire is 4-5 miles east of me. A little scary!

  2. Hi Emiwenis,
    Hope you made it through okay! I think the fires continued to burn north of where you’re describing. (I’ll check in on twitter.)

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