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A few weeks ago, we received a t-shirt in the mail. Sandra Blum of FeelGoodTees.com asked us to review her shirt. She sent us a ladies large. Obviously, that was for Jane who was delighted with the graphic on the shirt.  It’s a really nice way to get the message across.

We wrote Sandra back that we would write an honest review (good or bad), and that it would take a few weeks since Jane wanted to run it through the wash a few times to see how it held up.

The t-shirt we received is a “Long Sleeve Baby Rib Vegan Tee.” This means it’s one of those form fitting tees. (It’s stretch cotton, whatever that means.) Jane typically wears t-shirts that are a little looser, and she usually likes an xl. So this is not a style that she’d wear, at least not without something over the top. In addition we both found the shirt to run a bit small. It got even smaller when Jane ran it through the wash. The instructions clearly say “tumble dry low” and Jane admits to not reading the label, which would account for the significant shrinkage we experienced.

So, after washing it and running it through the drier three times (cold wash / “normal” dry) we found no difference in color (it was still as black as the day we received it). Nor was there any disturbance to the graphic. To give you an idea of how much it shrank, this image is of a large t-shirt laying on top of a ladies xl t-shirt (non-form fitting). The t-shirt is designed to stretch, so it’s not as small as it looks, but definitely get a larger size than you normally would. Especially if you’re a bit relaxed in your laundering as we tend to be.

Overall, the shirt feels very good. Ms Blum has the t-shirts manufactured here in Los Angeles, and according to the website, they are sweatshop free (employees are paid fair wages). Ms Blum also donates a portion of her sales to animal sanctuaries and animal rights organizations.

“When I do good, I feel good; when I do bad, I feel bad. That’s my religion.” — Abraham Lincoln

For me, it’s what being a vegetarian is all about. I feel good because I do good by making a difference and not just unconsciously do what everybody else does. — Sandra Blum

FeelGoodTees.com also offers t-shirts for men and kids, and babies.

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